Berryl Claire Asiago
Principal Consultant

Berryl Claire Asiago is an energy lawyer specializing in emergent energy markets of Eastern Africa (Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia). She is also the managing director of AnalytIQ CONSULT, an independent consulting and advisory firm focusing on energy sectors in the Horn of Africa region. The firm works with national and international businesses, organizations, and governments to evaluate the most critical energy issues while simultaneously appraising the area’s opportunities.


Dr. Asiago is the founder and president of Horn of Africa Energy Industry Association, a non-profit organization representing a collective voice and private organizations’ interests in and associated with the region’s energy sectors. The Association aims to bolster and advance energy, climate change, and environmental discussions and discourse in the region.


Dr. Asiago also serves as a research fellow at the Centre of Climate Change, Environmental, and Energy Law (CCEEL) Finland. She is involved in conducting energy research, including legal, regulatory, and institutional frameworks.


Before relocating to Djibouti, Dr. Asiago worked in South Sudan, Kenya, the United Kingdom, and Finland, building hands-on experience in legal research. She possesses a wealth of sound academic credentials; most recently obtaining her PhD in Energy Law, an LLM (Dip) in International and European Energy law (Finland), an LLM master’s in international Banking and Insurance law (UK), and an LLB (India).

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